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Progressive design professional poised to contribute experienced, innovative graphic artistry to your creative team to produce high calibre advertising and promotional campaigns, utilizing most current technologies, and collaborate brainstorming strategies.
  • Solid visual artistry experience in Graphic Arts both freehand & computer aided.
  • Working knowledge in graphic creation, image-manipulation. 3D/2D designs & animations. Hands-on creative production. Interactive (on-line & off-line) visual ads & display. Audio/Video editing.
  • Self-motivating knowledge in Web design, tools & applications.
  • Exceptional versatility and adaptability with high level of enthusiasm.
  • Decent eye for details, fresh approaches and cutting-edge design modality and creativity.
  • Dedication and drive as a hard-working individual.
  • Superlative communication and team-building skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment.
  • Focused working attitude with a natural sense of humour.
  • Conversant on both Mac and PC Platform environment.
  • Proficient in most widely used graphic design applications;
    • 3D Studio max
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Premiere
    • After Effect
    • ImageReady
    • Flash
    • Director
    • Dreamweaver
    • Freehand
    • PowerPoint
    • HTML & CSS
    • Sonar
  • Creative, imaginative script writing and conceptualised story telling.
  • Dynamic comics illustration & rendering.
  • Hands-on artistry production, 3D carving, visual effects display and animatronics.
  • Passion for music. Composing, recording & editing.
  • Project Designer: Exhibitions, Events & Multimedia,
    Pico International, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    2000 – Present
    • Conceptualise project design based on briefing given by client through sales dept.
    • Visualise design through 3D photo realistic modelling & renderings.
    • Prepare printed presentation boards, sample boards, visual 3D walkthrough animation Interactive 360° rotation view and PowerPoint presentations.
    • Design & program corporate off-line interactive touchscreen kiosk display.
    • Design & create corporate website, e-cards and multimedia presentations.
    • Model & render 3D animations and apply audio scores & video editing for visual presentations
    • Compose video montage of static, 2D, 3D and movie clips for video productions.
  • Graphic Artist & Head of Creative Arts Dept.
    Magnavision Home Video Inc., Cubao, QC., Philippines.
    • Lead a group of creative artist working on thematic visual display of a certain movie released in video.
    • Design a dynamic concept for thematic display relevant to the video title release.
    • Execute hands-on Styrofoam carving, modelling, painting, mechanical effects, props making and display production.
    • Design & layout video title’s graphic posters, ads, inserts, CD cover, label, mobile hangers, wobblers, standees, brochures, flyers & merchandising visual prints & promotions
  • Freelance Illustrator, Script writer,
    Graphic Arts & Services Inc.(GASI), Cubao, QC., Philippines.
    • Doing local comics Illustrations. Art line framed drawings based on a 4 pages short story scripts designated by the editors.
    • Writing an imaginative fictional short story scripts for illustrators to visualise.
  • Layout Artist,
    Communication Foundation for Asia, Sta.Mesa,Manila, Philippines.
    • Plotting page layouts of books, magazines, newsletters, and informative comic magazine of one of Philippines religious Publication.
    • Creating illustrations for certain columns that requires image enhancements.
    • Rendering colour guides to line drawings submitted by contributing artists as basis for coloured printing reproductions.
    • Writing and plotting descriptions, dialogs, captions and narrations to illustrated pages using traditional manual techniques.
  • Artist-Pattern Maker,
    Maneth Garments Industry. Bulacan, Philippines.
    • In-charge of creating caricature design to be embroidered for kids garments manufacturing company.
    • Creating pattern perforation for fabric stamping marking the lines of the design.
    • Working and collaborating with the head embroiderer in making initial product samples as guides to the production team.
  • Flash Animation course training
    Filipino Computer Club, Dubai
    POLO, OWWA Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    January – March 2007

  • Basic HTML course training
    Filipino Computer Club, Dubai
    POLO, OWWA Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    January – March 2007

  • Portrait Hands-on Arts training
    ABC Arts Studio
    Guadalupe, Makati, Philippines.

  • Secondary school
    La Consolacion School
    Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines.
    1987 - 1991

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